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Tickover Ford Capri V8 in 1995

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Very special Essex V6 for sale:

This is a 3.4 litre Essex V6 built 4 or 5 years ago for a customer of ours, by the excellent Car Clinic (essexengines.com) in Lancashire. It has covered around 25K miles since it was built. Unfortunately the body-shell of his car has rotten around it, forcing him to break the car (or sell it to us to do).

The engine uses the South African crank, rods, pistons etc to make the 3.4 litre bottom end. Car Clinic assemble this fully balanced etc. This unit has fast road heads and a challenger 3 spec camshaft. Topping it off is the legendary Car Clinic double carb intake using 2 38dgas carbs with a special progressive linkage and air filter. The engine has alloy rocker covers. Also sports the alloy timing kit inside.

We want 2000+vat takeaway.  This would take well over double that to build from new. we know because we have done 2 that way this year !

Car Clinics website claims 165BHP at 4000 rpm,  213 BHP at 5000rpm and 217BHP at 6000rpm  .  Torque has been measured at over 230 ft.lbs compared to 174 for a stock 3.0 Essex.

This unit will fit directly in place of any 3.0 essex engine.


Newest additions to the online shop (click the pictures to view in the shop):

New Capri bumper ends New Capri bumper over-riders 2.8i Master cylinder back in stock
Capri MK3 bumper end cap Capri MK3 bumper over-rider Capri Injection master cylinder
Escort MK2 bumper parts Capri 3.0/2.8i 4 speed reverse switch 3.0 Essex timing cover bearing
MK2 Escort bumper parts Rare reverse light swith for Capri 3.0 and 2.8i with 4 speed box Essex engine timing cover bearing
2.8i rotor arms Capri 3.0 V6 viscous fan hub Capri front jacking point stiffener
Capri Injection rotor arm Capri 3.0 V6 viscous fan hub Capri front floor strengthener
Outer door glass seals - NEW design Essex Water Pumps Capri Steering Coupling
New wider flat design - as per Ford originals Essex V4 and V6 water pump only at Tickover New Capri column couplings now available

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  Ford Capri Heater Matrix   Brand new MK3 Hella lamps - set of 4 - 200+vat
  Ford Capri MK3 fuel tank strap bolts - stainless steel - 16.75+vat per pair   Ford Capri MK2 and MK3 stainless steel tank straps - 40+vat per pair
  Ford Capri Nearside Door Mirror   Ford Capri MK3 bonnet trim fasteners - stainless steel - 12.50+vat per 4
  Ford Capri V6 Brake Shoe Set   Ford Capri Indicator Unit

  Spax Suspension Kits Deals and Fitting for all Fords  

  HiSpec brake kits deals and fitting services

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